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Lake Bogoria National Reserve
The Siracho Escarpment that is an extension of the upper catchment’s Laikipa escarpment on the eastern part of the lake with its various gorges and vegetation types is of peculiar aesthetic value. The various rock outcrops hosting the numerous rock hyraxes and with an unimaginable potential to support enormous scrubs is fascinating and leaves the tourists both bewildered and amazed. The beautiful setting sun accompanied by the lulling songs of the birds coupled with speckles white cattle egrets up in the air calms the tourists leaving them relaxed an feeling very safe and content. The various rock and lava outcrops by the springs are very attractive and tempting to stand and rest on. And soak up with steam from the boiling water below.
Lake Bogoria the geysers and hot springs are the major attractions which are at the central basin of the lake. It has the temperature of close to boiling point and highly mineralized and is believe to be sourced from shallow aquifers in contact with Laval intrusions. They have an estimated discharge of 900l sec-1 (28.38Mm3) to the Lake namely
The Loburu Area
The Chemurkeu area             
The Mwanasis-kubwa-losamat area (Renault et al, 1987).
The hot springs at the Loburu and chemurkeu have a shallow aquifer with temperature of about 1000c, while the other is deeper with temperature of about 170oc. the all spring as the pH of 8.0 and there are other small hot spring, geysers and fumaroles in the area.
Over 373 species of birds have been recorded in the area including over 50 migratory species making it one of the richest birdlife areas in Kenya Important Bird Areas (IBA). The Lake holds huge congregations of lesser flamingo that feed on high production of blue-green algae mostly dominated by Sprirullina platenesis. its comprise of 1.5 millions flamingos. Other water birds found in the lake include migratory waders such as Ruff, Curlew sandpiper, little stint Tawny eagle, among others.
Animal found are the common mammalian like Greater Kudu, Burchell’s Zebra warthogs, Forest hog Impala, Klipspringers, Cape buffalo, Patas Monkeys among others. Predators include genet, serval cat, cite and white tailed mongoose cheetah.
There are several reptiles including monitor lizard, agama lizard, tortoise and a number of snakes such as Black mamba spiting cobra and puff adder.