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We use custom-built, fully equipped vehicles best suited to the Safari experiences we offer in Tanzania and Kenya.

* Experienced & knowledgeable driver-guide
* Guaranteed window seats when in Private Vehicles
* Roof hatches for easy game viewing
* Modified soft seat covers
* Bottled water available in private vehicle during Safari
* Added safety: 2 spare tyres, VHF radios, mobile phone
* Inverters to charge your electronic equipment
* Bean bags to rest your still & video cameras

Safari Minibus
Most safaris in East Africa are conducted in these safari minibuses. With large pop-up roofs they are designed for wildlife viewing and photography. Although equipped with eight seats the vehicles only seat six people, ensuring you a window seat!
Models Available Include:  Toyota Hiace, 4 wheel drive.
Engine by CC: 2700-3200cc
Seating Capacity: 8 (7+1)
Transmission: Manual Or Auto Options

safari van




 4x4 Safari Vehicles
Selected safaris in Tanzania use sturdier 4X4 vehicles. These have pop-up roofs. They are used when the terrain requires a more rugged vehicle.
Models Available Include: Toyota Landcruiser Stretched / Longchase
Engine by CC: 4200cc
Seating Capacity: 8 (7+1)
Transmission: Manual

safari jeep




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